miércoles, junio 29, 2005


-That was so fucking close, in fact I shit myself. For a moment, just for a moment, I feel a déjà vú, a incredible painful déjà vú, like I was falling again, crumbling into little pieces, fading away in pain. That pain.

-So, it's over, right?

-No way, it was close, but not enough...

-Are you telling me that you're still going...?

-It's the only thing I can do, the only thing I want to do.

-You stupid monkey... Don't you feel ashamed for what you did?

-Obviously, but I also feel hope, there is a little window, not a door, just a little window...



-I would never want to be in your head.

-You are in my head.


-Yeah, I know.


5 comentarios:

Raul dijo...

A ver... puede ser parte de un libro, un dialogo interno en ingles, o puede ser que hayas estado bien pedo y te dio el efecto Mulder.

Montecristo dijo...

o son las secuelas del sindrome postraumatico despues de un batazo culero. de hecho ya tiene varios dias asi este kbron...

lo weno es q es solo pasajero. nada q el alcohol no ahogue

"La pulga" dijo...

AAApoyo la nocion de que estabas bien pedo,,,saludos.

Just a little Emo_tional dijo...

Lo mas seguro es lo del efecto Mulder...

"In fact, I shit myself"

What was it ... diarrea... I've felt that pain too.

= )

Lolita dijo...

-Yeah, i think the same.




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