domingo, marzo 26, 2006

Pay To Play

Hello Pod- and/or Video-caster,

You are using 9.4 GB of 7.5 GB bandwidth allowed for the month.

We appreciate your using PodOmatic. As you might have noticed, your show is somewhat popular and you are consuming more then the monthly allotted 7.5 gigabytes of bandwidth. PodOmatic will be giving you a 7 day grace period to ensure there is no interruption in your service.

It is time to upgrade to a plus account.

Try podOmatic plus

With podOmatic plus you get these great features, and it is only $9.99 per month-- that's just 32 cents a day!

Asi que a la verga, o se caen con una lana o se acabaron los podcast, jajaja.

Cha, cochino dinero, snif.


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